[I stll need help] Nameservers are changed,but can't move url

My website URL is: thos.ml

What I’m seeing is: suspended domain

Additional information: none

I want to use domain on other location,but i can’t move from cpanel because i’m suspended

You can also just change the nameservers to the other provider’s ones, and wait 72 hours for DNS propagation after adding it on the other hosting provider’s cPanel.

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I want to use it on infinityfree,but in another account.

Then you must wait 24 hours, remove the domain, deactivate the account and create a new account with the same domain.

oh… ok

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I still need help.

You need to remove the domain from the older account first. And, from the username’s new prefix (b16_), I’m now seeing you will use Byethost as free hosting provider.

I can’t do this because my account is suspended.


And after that, remove the domain from the old account and add it to a new one on an account on the same platform we use / on an account here on InfinityFree.

One more thing,how i can choose between byethost an infinityfree?
Infinityfree have 3 websites available per account,but byethost is more fast…

Byethost and InfinityFree are in the same free hosting platform. All MyOwnFreeHost resellers’ and Byethost’s free accounts are limited to only three websites per account. If you manage to bypass that, all your accounts will be suspended without any notice. And also, Byethost has the same limits as we have. So they are similar on many aspects.

I have one idea,my domain is free,if i delete it for domain account (freenom) and re-create it,will work to change?

Not like so, because you also need to change the nameservers to add it on another account. So I don’t suggest to delete and register the domain again, but to remain it as it is, and, if you want to change hosting provider, change the nameservers to the new ones and wait until it’s propagated.

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