I still don't have the padlock feature signifying a secure site after installing SSL certificate

This is my website’s link bit2x72.ml

After installing SSL certificate and even going a step further to check on a website that is able to check if SSL is installed, and all was good. Yet, I still don’t see the padlock to show that my site is now secure, please, what more do I do?

Again, can I install something like a Ddos protection too, If yes, how do I go about it?.

Thanks, I hope to get feedback soon.

Are you using infinityfree free SSL? If so, I can help you out with this.
It’s a good choice if you chose this option.
I’m not that experienced to answer your last question - Admin could probably help you with this

Thanks for agreeing to give a hand. Yes, I’m using an infinity free SSL certificate.
What can I do?

Sometimes, the SSL doesn’t load properly.
Go to Free SSL certificates in the navigation menu
In a new tab, navigate to Control panel > SSL/TLS

If you have done this already, re-upload the private key and the SSL certificate in this order.

Give it up to 72 hours to update

Alright…I’ll do just that, I’ll give you feedback if it’s set. Again, how do I get a Ddos protection?

I don’t know for sure, but this google search might help:

Again, as I told you before, Admin can help you better out with this


WAIT! Your website IS HTTPS!!!
Your website is FINE, but you are not redirecting to HTTPS
The reason why it isn’t showing up is because you didn’t type in HTTPS!!!
Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create/Open the HTACCESS file in HTDOCS
  2. Insert this line of code:
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

Oook…I’m trying right now to do as You’ve Said. I see the htaccess file, but can’t edit its content. I believe the page on the screenshot is what you’re talking about, or making a mistake?

DO NOT edit this file.


DDOS protection is not a software that you can install, as you are having custom domain try using Cloudflare

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Thanks…I tried creating the file .htaccess, it says error, see the attached screenshot to see in full.

Shd be /htdocs/.htaccess

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Oh…you mean the file name should be /htdocs/.htaccess?.
I tried that and it also gave an error message. See screenshot, says ‘/’ shouldn’t be used.

You will need to create the .htaccess file inside the htdocs folder, as it won’t let you create one outside of it.


Please complete the steps after that from this article:


Done!..I was able to create the file and input the code. I’m loving this community, thank you guys.
So please how long until I see the padlock?

Oops…what happened, why the error?Screenshot_20201124-122823~2

Just add

php_value display_errors On

to .htaccess will do

it actually shows htaccess file is corrupted, because of that this method won’t show the error.