I put a video background and it takes time to upload

I put a video background and it takes him a while to load up the page.
Is it because of the host?
Is there anything that can be done about it?
The video runs on mp4


server uses bandwidth throttling to actively limit download rates on extensions such as video (streaming) and other file sharing stuff

I would recommend you to upload your video to youtube or vimeo
( if you do not infringe any copyrights ) and then use the appropriate javascript code to embed video from these services as background

or shrink the video file as much as you can (as long as the quality is not so impaired )
so when it is smaller in size it will load faster


the video is 5.2MBytes and took around 5 seconds to load on my broadband so the download rate was around 41.6 Mb/s which seems ok to me


Since you have custom domain, you can try to manually add domain to CloudFlare.
Then use page rule to cache this page (cache all).
Hopefully it shd speed up the page load…

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