I need you guys help! (Free SSL+Wordpress)

Hello Great Peoples, as title says all.

so I want to use Wordpress using Cloudflare Free SSL here (InfinityHost) but I have been facing issues. while Installing via “Softaculous” choosing “Https” it says that SSL not found. Selecting “Http” & After the Setup, site works but not Wordpress. when I try to Post/Add a new page it shows me Wordpress error.

If I change my domain DNS records from Cloud Flare’s Nameservers to Infinity Nameservers, then it works “I mean i can add page do whatever”


I seeking for the best solution, from the best people.

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with Cloudflare’s free SSL. Are you supposed to use their nameservers? I don’t see that mentioned on their page. It just mentions using a plugin.

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