I need to close my account


cannot log into account

I have set up 2 factor authentication but have lost my Google authenticator entry and the recovery code. I searched for answer to recover my account but seems impossible to do so. Now I would like to close my account and setup a new one. However, as I could not log into my existing account, I could not close it.
Please help

When activating 2FA, it clearly says: you must store the recovery codes safely. If you lose your authentication device and your recovery codes, you will lose access to your account.

That is correct. If you can’t login to your account, you can’t login to your account. For both the first layer of authentication (email/password) and the second layer of authentication (authenticator / recovery codes) we provide a main authentication method and a fallback. If you lose the main method and the fallback, you’ll lose access.

That is correct. The account deactivation button is login protected to prevent authorized changes to accounts.

Whoever created this account added an additional layer of security to their profile by enabling two factor authentication. What kind of security would it be if we just disabled it because someone else came on this forum and said “hey, that’s my account, can you give me access”?

When we implement a security system, we implement it to actually protect things. It’s not window dressing which we disable the second it becomes inconvenient.

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just create a new account with another email address.

Hi jaikrishna
That’s what I’m planning to do. Part of that process is know how to prevent this from happening again.

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In the future, make sure that you don’t lose them, because, without them, according to the admin, you can’t log back in. That’s the only way to prevent it.

Or just don’t use 2FA.

There isn’t any way to close your previous accounts, but if nobody visits the websites, they will become automatically deactivated


Problem again. When I tried to create another account to use my domain, it said “The selected custom domain is already in use on InfinityFree. Please remove the custom domain from your other account at InfinityFree before you can add it to a new account.”
So now my domain has been hijacked even though I am the legal owner?

It’s still on the old account, which there is no way to remove, if you can’t sign in.

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This is getting rediculous. I understand I’m being locked out of my old account because I have use 2FA and lost the credential. However, there’s no reason to forbid me to create a new website using my domain as I have proof of ownership of the domain, even based on security ground.

the domain is locked to the account unless removed manually, it also shows the warning while closing the account. Unfortunately without removing the domain from that account, you cannot add that domain on any other free byet cluster hosting, like profreehost, infinityfree, aoenfree byet.host and more. Your most probably choice is premium hosting, then.

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Unfortunately, that is how the system works. Maybe you could try recovering the google account.

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Like it said on the page where you activated 2FA: store the recovery codes securely. The fact that you lost them means you didn’t do that.

Is something “stolen” from you if you lock it in a box yourself and then throw the key away? Who “stole” it then? The box? The person who made the box?

Nobody “hijacked” your domain name. You assigned your domain name to your hosting account and then lost access. The domain is exactly where you put it.

The reason is that verifying the domain and removing it is a manual action which takes time. And I don’t like doing manual actions for individual users, especially if it is to solve a problem they caused themselves.

So here is what you can do:

  1. Change the domain’s nameservers back to somewhere you can set DNS records, for example the DNS management of your domain registrar.
  2. Add a CNAME record to your domain name for subdomain _infinityfree-verification with target mike168.verification.infinityfree.net.
  3. Once that’s done, come back here and confirm you’ve done it.

Next time I’m here, I’ll check the value of _infinityfree-verification.samtotutoring.com.au to see whether it matches that value. If it does, I’ll remove the domain from the other account for you.

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I also need to close your account. You’re too silly to own one, so it should be confiscated from you. :smiley:

In all seriousness though, if you’ve lost your password and cannot access the account, just leave it and it will automatically delete after the dormant period ends.

If you’ve got a domain pointed at your infinity host, just go to your DNS provider and change the nameservers etc to wherever you are going.

If you’re creating a new account here, just create a new one (I guess you might have to use another email address).

If your domain is actually being hosted and managed at infinityfree, then you will need to move it somewhere else (for example, back to wherever you moved it from). If you bought it via infinityfree, then I am sure if you can prove you are the legal owner, then they will assign it over to your new account.

But the quickest way will be to change the nameservers from infinityfree over to somewhere else that will allow you to change the relevant information and then point it back to infinity at your new account.

Don’t bother. Your service is no longer required.

@Mike168, Thank for being rude!,
A sad news for you then, you cannot sign up for another free hosting on the byet cluster for this domain ever :frowning_face:. Also please do not disrespect those who tried to help you. You are the one who messed things up, as you lost the authenticator keys and never saved the backup keys, LOL :laughing:!

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