I need ssl cetificate

Guys i want my website have a ssl how?? Can i do it here whithout domain just with the free domain

You can get free domains from freenom.
And you cannot install ssl on our free subdomains.

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Freenom not working

Use a VPN and also try “https://” as it worked for @JavesPotato when @katufo helped him.


Then you either have to pay for it or get it from dot.ml

No, Change the HTTPS into HTTP after choosing your domain and carting out.

So if i don’t have a ssl i can put my website link on instagram right?

He always said to me i can’t put the link why for the ssl?

who is he?

Please give sufficient details before posting because it takes longer for us to understand and also longer for the problem to be solved.


Maybe he mean, the instagram hehe.

And yes you can put your website link to Instagram, why can’t?

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is instagram male??

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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: You are very funny sometimes @anon19508339

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Instagram is my son and I told Instagram not to allow people to post their websites on him.

Instagram yes sure he is male😂

…it just was a joke.

Maybe contact Instagram to fix that?

So the problem is not in my website?? But facebook said that too