I need help

in the discord i want to add my website to the profile but it requires verification from the hosting (shown in the image) … and i dont know how to do it pls help
name : https://hvnoname.000.pe/.well-known/discord
content : dh=8386adb5ae0ca4320ab7b09de51530f6890XXXXX

You’ll have to create the folder and the file that Discord requires to create on your htdocs folder through either the File Manager or an FTP client (the folder should be named .well-known, then get inside it and create the new file named discord), then paste the content inside it before you save it and close the editor; but I doubt it’ll work because of the security system:


like that?

No, there wasn’t supposed to be a folder called discord; that’s the file name! Remove that file and the discord folder you’ve created and create it as a file, then paste the content inside it!


oh okay

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