I need help

Few months ago I have created my own website which was about uploading images. Me and my friends really liked to use my website to upload memes there. But the file upload system recently started to throw random errors like “File exists” even though it doesnt. But recently I have found out that using Infinity Free for file hosting violates its TOS.

So the website was originally based on uploading images. But removing the whole upload system would just remove months of effort. So before removing all of it I wanted to ask a question :
Is it allowed to post images and nothing else?
Or will it still count as violating Infinity Free TOS?

Mostly yes.


Damn that sucks :frowning:

It depends on how you are storing the images. If the images are being used to create the website (Like an image gallery), that is not in violation. If you are doing something like postimages, where a specific URL is needed to view an image, that is not allowed.

If you want to share your URL, myself or another Admin/Mod would be able to tell you if the site is OK or not.


Image sharing sites are not something we typically allow. But we’re not enforcing it actively, so it really depends on how much storage, bandwidth, hits, etc. you’re using.

As for “losing progress”, that’s up to you. You can just remove (and lose) everything or you can try to migrate the images elsewhere.


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