i need help

can someone please help me cron jobs wont connect to my siteand i need to know what files i need to put in in order for mysite to work

From previous post:
im needing some help im trying to get cron jobs to work so i can get the verification email to work on my website with out it i cant even edit my website

Hello Brian.

Sorry for late response, but I can finally take look at your issue.

What do you exactly mean that your cron jobs won’t connect? Did you try to install official web software from Softaculous script installer or you need cron jobs for your own website? If you tried to install throught Softaculous then there usually shouldn’t be any problems. Cron jobs are automatically assigned when you install by using Softaculous and usually shouldn’t cause problems.

I am sorry, but what do you exactly mean with files? What kind of files are you talking about?

Little more information would be appreciated. Could I also take a look at your site by myself?


Oh sorry, I took look at your older post and it seems like you are using Oxwall. Let me take a look into this issue deeper…

EDIT: Weird question, but have you tried to reinstall Oxwall? But when you are reinstalling please do not change the default cron job values on installation panel. Leave them as they are. If you are not installing throught Softaculous, but manually then you should try to do the reinstall throught Softaculous script installer in our cPanel which provides very easy and flexible web software installation.

Reply back if you are having any more problems or this method doesn’t work.