I need help with Orgin and Cloudflare

I have made a Origin Private Key and Certificate with Cloudflare and try upload it to my website wingnode.net but I get this Message.

Please help.

Im using Flexible so I can use subdomains but that also failed.

You can’t use a Cloudflare Origin Certificate here. The way our certificate tool works is it checks the Common Name for the domain name, and if those do not match, it rejects the certificate. Because of this, you must get another certificate for each subdomain, with the exception of any given www subdomain, as it is included with each certificate you request, wether for an apex domain, or a subdomain.

Because you are using Cloudflare, I suggest you get a Self Signed certificate from Login to your account - InfinityFree and use Full SSL mode (not Full - Strict) at Cloudflare.


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