I need help with laravel and blade

I need help with my website: diamantinocoins.ga (Epiz Username: epiz_26585891)

Laravel gives me this error:

production.ERROR: Undefined variable: pageTitle

idk why, i have declared pageTitle, and in the home works fine.

Can someone help me pls?

On which page? I have no errors on the home page.

In the Login and Register pages

Where did you declare this? How are you passing it to the views?


I can give you all the code, i bought this code here:

i have uploaded the code for you here:

Your not mining on these servers are you?

I use this server to host my site, that connect to my home mining server

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If you paid for this software, I think you should contact the developer about this. This seems to be just a bug in the application. This is not something that can be fixed from the hosting site, and if you paid someone for that software, they should provide software that actually works.


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