I need help to have https ssl certificate

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https://renuevacesped.cl SSL DRAFT

It has been requested for several weeks, as it is a free service, I appreciate your help, I am uploading my friend’s site, supporting him in his newly started business

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Just as in passing I would also like to request the same for:

https://lodelivery.cl SSL DRAFT

It is a minor sales site, owned by my wife. that she has bothered me a kilo to gain it, hahaha.


Best regards to the entire infinityfree team, if everything goes well and my website creation business works as I wish, we will move on to something paid, as it should.

very happy with the service, free, it greatly supports those of us who want to start a business.

Jorge Alarcón Rojas


Did you follow the instruction?

Where are you stuck?
Please make sure you have setup the relevant CNAME records


Please click the SSL certificate in the list. You’ll be brought to a page that tells you what you need to do to proceed.

Also, please note that the domain lodelivery.cl is not working right now. If I check the WHOIS information of the domain, it shows the status is “Redemption period”, and the domain expired on the 26th of December. So you’ll need to renew/restore that domain first before you can do anything with it.


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