I need help this service sucks

I need to know when I’m not allowed to do with this service. Because I just got the last deactivating warning also every time they suspend me it’s the suspense all my account which winds up me having 4 out of the 3 allowed activate accounts. I don’t know how people have been using this service for years I can’t seem to use it for a day

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For what you are not allowed to do, please read the TOS, found here

So what you may have done is, you had three accounts, (maximum allowed on InfinityFree) one of them was deactivated and you created another one and the other account was reactivated, hence you having more than 3 accounts.


Yes I know but it’s just not convenience to reactivate all of them to deactivate them. I will read the terms of service, the support just said your account is activated when I asked them what I was not allowed to do

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Reading the terms and conditions this seems like not the thing for me

What did you need exactly?

Basically a lot of file storage for free

I just wanted to have something that has PHP and no bandwidth limit

InfinityFree is a web hosting service, not file hosting. We have PHP support and we have no bandwidth limits.


Pretty sure I just read a support thing that someone got suspended for using too much bandwidth

This is IO limit not bandwith


Yes but what if I need to upload a big file?

What is the guarantee that my files won’t accidentally be deleted. because I’m on the last suspense warning

No, We allow upto 10mb upload size


Please note that there isn’t really any difference between a “suspended” and “deactivated” account, except for a bit of window dressing in the client area. Under the hood, if you “deactivate” an account, it just suspend the account with a special code to trigger the different display.

So if you just want to get rid of the accounts, just leave them as suspended. They will be deleted automatically.

I’m pretty sure that this person just didn’t check or understand the actual reason their account was suspended and assumed that it must be bandwidth.

Again: there are no bandwidth limits. Anyone who says they got suspended for using too much bandwidth doesn’t understand why they are suspended.


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