I need help. Subdomain is not working


cloud DOT echd48 .ru

Error Message

My main domain works fine, but sub domains don’t work. Why is this happening? Can you please help me.

My main domain (it works) - echd48. ru
One of my subdomains, they don’t work - cloud. echd48. ru

Other Information

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When I try to access my subdomains, I get an error “dnsierror”

Please keep in mind that we do not allow cloud hosting.


There will be no cloud, I gave this subdomain as an example. This has been happening since 2 am Moscow time. My subdomains won’t open.

^ As I have linked to the article above.


Your subdomain cloud.echd48.ru is working from my end

Try:- Clear your Cache and try again.


I would just like to remind you that we do not allow media sharing / image backup sites here. So any automated IP camera upload is not allowed here.

Yes, we provide unlimited storage, but for normal website content only. We do not provide an unlimited storage backup service.


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