I need help on what to do after uploading files

Username (e.g. epiz_27365755) or Website URL: http://focusproductionandrecords.great-site.net/

Error Message

Other Information

Hello there I have already uploaded my files In htdocs directory So what is the next thing to do?

This is what I am seeing

You need to clr browser cache

I see a download website which is forbidden in this hosting, pls remove it

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Use this .htaccess code:

DirectoryIndex index.html

Also, do be mindful for when you do start hosting your music, host it at google drive or an online file sharing service and then link it to your website.

About the website not showing, try using a new browser, another device, or using Control+f5, else just wait up to 72 hours for the website to work.


It would be
DirectoryIndex Index.html because it it spelt with a capital I


My silly eyes :pensive:

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