I need help. Error #93681767457

I want to Park the domain echd48.ru. The Registrar specified your DNS, but when I want to Park it, I get an error. Error #93681767457 Please contact support. Help!

I just tried to create an account with this domain name and I didn’t get any error like that.

If you want to host the domain on another account instead, you can remove it from the newly created account and then add it to your existing account.


The domain is fixed, but when opening the page echd48.ru. white screen and error

Your domain does also point to Cloudflare nameservers, which aren’t configured to serve your domain. Please don’t mix both sets of nameservers; only leave our ones in.

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Well, it’s not attached to any hosting account right now. Can you please assign it to one again?

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The error occurs when I want to Park the domain via the Parked Domain section

Error #93681767457

The “Parked Domains” feature can be used to create an alias for one domain to another domain which is already on the account . So if your account doesn’t have any domains yet, you cannot add any parked domains.

The solution is simple: just add the domain through the Addon Domains instead.


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