I need an rsync equivalent script or command

Kudos to the registration system. Very clear with the ability to activate a VM in just a few minutes.
I haven’t carefully read all the articles in the forum, and I submit my request to you, hoping it hasn’t already been made by others.

I have to keep a folder of another server synchronized with the server active here. I had no problems with the rsync command before.

Given the lack of SSH, how could I fix it?

Thks Marco.

You’ll have to transfer the folder somewhere so you can upload it each time.

But if you’re running rsync on a vm, I see no reason why you can’t configure something like a file hook and have that push it via ftp. Maybe this isn’t possible though.

Also note that we provide website hosting, not file storage.


Thanks, I’ll try to do something with ftp. The data to be synchronized are only the daily webcam shots. After a few days they are removed.
http://marcobk.rf.gd/webcam/index_day.php (at 7:41:29 I arrive at work) :wink:

Rclone is a nice tool that lets you copy files from basically any kind of storage (local/remote/cloud) to any other storage. I see it also does FTP. So maybe that’s worth a shot?

Just please keep in mind that we provide a website hosting service, meaning our services are supposed to be used for regular website hosting and administration activities.

There are fair usage limits on FTP, especially for uploads. Our FTP service is intended for website administration, not file syncing. Most people never hit these limits, only those who use our hosting as backup storage for their IP cameras tend to run into them.


Perfect, all clear. I didn’t know rclone will use it to host images on the cloud, avoiding uploading your FTP service.
Thanks again.

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