I need a refund ou support for update my site on Ifastnet

Greetings, I bought hosting and website on Ifastnet, but the service there has a circle that I don’t understand and the support isn’t working.
If I no longer want the service, how can I get a refund?

check if you are eligible for a refund?


Yes, they are eligible, because I bought it yesterday, but I don’t see where to send the refund request because the Support Link is not opening.

What do you mean? Try a different browser or device. We cannot help you here.


just trayed, but do not open.

So what happens instead?


If you bought a website, then it obviously wasn’t with InfinityFree. You would need to contact iFastNet support for this issue. EDIT: Just realized that you said iFastNet support won’t work. Continue asking away.

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