Hello i have a new hosting in infinityfree but to connect with my domain i need a IP/A-RECORD or domain not point to the hosting

Well, I can’t really tell you since I don’t know which account is yours. However, it’s pretty easy to find it out yourself using a DNS lookup tool. If you’re on OS X or Linux, the dig command is available to do that. However, you can just use a web based tool as well. I quite like the one provided by Google Apps myself: Dig (DNS lookup)

Simply enter your domain in the left field, ns1.freecluster.euin the right, hit enter and the IP address will be highlighted.

Thanks but ip send me to a SUSPENDED SITE why?

That’s because the IP is not unique to your account. Visiting the IP address will not allow you to view your website, only pointing your domain to the IP and then visiting the domain will show your website.

check the domain brainseaters.com i see the suspended site but if go to brainseaters.rf.gd i see the site … the DNS of infinityfree what type is it? AAA, MX etc?

I just checked your domain and it looks like it’s not associated with an account at all.

Unfortunately, to add your own domain to your account, you will need to verify ownership. And the only way to do that right now is by changing nameservers. Only if you change the nameservers, you will be able to add it to your account. After that, you’re free to switch back to other nameservers.

what type for this (red) dns should I select to see my site?


Changing the nameservers of a domain names is always a separate menu, it cannot be configured using a DNS record manager. I’ve never used the register.it panel so I don’t know where that menu is, but your registrar’s support will be able to tell you how you can change your nameservers.

As for the values, you already found those: ns1.freecluster.eu and ns2.freecluster.eu