I must confirm website for yandex official mail

Hello, I must confirm my website for getting official mail from yandex connect. for that, I must create a dns txt record but I dont know how to do it.

Unfortunately you cannot create txt records on InfinityFree. You could however (at least temporarily) point your domain to a DNS provider (such as Cloudflare) and make a txt record there. However this will only work on a tld domain that you own. You cannot do it on an IF free subdomain.


Taking a quick look at Yandex’ support articles, it seems they also support HTML file verification. Maybe you could try that?


i thought InfinityFree blocks bots?

The TXT records are needed for the Mail to work, not just for verification.


No, you don’t need them for mail to work.

You can set at least one of the TXT records with source @ through the SPF Records section. The other records are probably a DKIM record, which you can do without.


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