I mistakenly deleted my domain

Do I need to upload all my files again

Due to the system that domain folders are created you are able just to re-add the domain. Your files should not got deleted.

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If you had deleted your hosting account instead of removing domain from addon domain then you will need to upload all files again but if you just removed and the folder for that domain exist then just add the domain and it will work.

Please do note that your domain name may have been assigned to a different directory. If that’s the case, your files are still there, but are not in the right location. To fix that, simply move the files from the htdocs directory to the $yourdomain/htdocs/ directory.


What’s this message hmelvinkiawu.com: There are currently 1 TXT record(s) on the verification subdomain. Please remove any TXT records and only set the CNAME record. Please note that DNS changes can take up to 24 hours to take effect

That’s a known bug. Just try again in half an hour or so and it should work.

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