I’m gonna need a lot of help

I’m having trouble getting back to a page where I managed to get to shortly after registering where I could create folders and upload graphics and files. And what’s making this worse for me are the multiple identities and passwords. I wish I understood the difference between these accounts. I have 4 sites and I seem now to only get to a page with an hdocs (?) folder that doesn’t look like any I first saw when I registered.

My main one is the one I am most concerned with as the other 3 I can take my time with. That one is:

And what about CHMOD? It’s been years since I interacted with webmaster responsibilities but I remember there were very specific settings to make sure no one could simply “back out” of a URL to get to my directory. How does infinityfree handle that or do I have to do that myself?

If you could just address these few questions I’d appreciate it. I’ve read much of the knowledgebase but couldn’t find information about the differences in IDs.

It feels good to have finally done this but I’m going to need a lot of help from you getting it off the ground. :smiley:

I see this


Make sure to do these


Wow thank you so much for that. I’ll go ahead and do this for the other 3 sites as well. The last time I did this the internet was about 5 years old! So much has changed. No wonder I was getting that error screen.

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Typically, there is only one password you actually need to know, which is the client area password. Every hosting account also has its own password, which is used for FTP and MySQL.

The most suitable article I can think of is this one:

Just “backing out” of a website directory should not be possible. All common web servers have security protections built-in by default, as there is basically no situation where you would want people to be able to navigate to arbitrary directories on the server. And if you do, then you can still configure that explicitly.

CHMOD is basically disabled on our hosting. In the 8+ year I have used this platform I cannot recall a single case where it has helped someone, and numerous cases where people messed up the permissions and corrupted their account.


:wink: hank you for your reply it will help me get comfortable with your terminology. :blush:

Can I ask how many days does it take for the SSL Certificate and Cname to become effective? I chose the automatic ones from Infinityfree. I uploaded an index.html file to the folder htdocs but it shows your orange Page Coming Soon graphic. I should probably ask — is there/are there other things related with activating a new site that I should know about? As long as I’m in drydock . . . ? Now would be the time to tell me! :wink:

CNAME records are usually processed in the nameservers within 10-15 minutes, but due to DNS caching it can take a bit longer to take effect. Our CNAME checks usually work within a few hours, but other clients may take much longer than that.

Once the CNAME record is ready, you can request an SSL certificate, which only takes a few minutes to issue. Then you need to install it, which also takes a few minutes to take effect.

We don’t have an orange coming soon page…

Or are you referring to the coming soon page generated by Site.Pro? If so, you will need to go into the file manager and delete the coming soon page, which is the file index.php. The files index.php and index.html are both valid index file names, but if both are present, the index.php file is preferred.


It isn’t showing up (my index.html) and I deleted index.php. I had requested the SSL certificate the same day I requested the Cname — shouldn’t it have come by now? I’m sorry I don’t know how to install it. This is all new to me.


Okay it shows now. Can I ask, when I create new folders on my primary site — semicodin.infinityfreeapp.com — do I create them under the htdocs folder or at the root? Thank you.




Thank you!

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