I lost my site after having my account temporarily suspended


I have an account epiz_28810193 which was using a free domain www.sweetiebakery.rf.gd. Today I tried to sign in to my website and it got suspended. The notification was that my account has been temporarily suspended and I reactivate it after 24 hours (14 hours left at the time I wrote this post). I tried to sign in again to purchase a premium hosting, which I believe would solve my problem. It required me to verify and after the verification, I saw “No accounts yet” in my account section. I lost my old account and the url Login to your account - InfinityFree redirected me with a 403 error.

Please help me activate the account epiz_28810193 again so I can go purchase a premium hosting. It’s urgent since this is my assignment and my deadline is coming early.

Premium hosting is purchased to iFastNet.
Send them a ticket and they will fix your problem. When someone from InfinityFree purchases premium hosting, they migrate the InfinityFree account to iFastNet automatically. Even if the account is suspended.


Thank you very much. I will go try sending the ticket and hopefully things will get back to normal.

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I checked the username in question, but it’s not owned by the same user as you’re submitting this message from. Please login to the right client area profile to manage that account.

And please remember that you’re only allowed to have three hosting accounts per PERSON. Using multiple email addresses to create more account is not allowed.

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