I lost my Infinityfree Forum Account

this is a new forum account i created, I can’t find my email address on the infinityfree forum account, I’ve tried to enter all the emails listed on infinityfree but I can’t login to my account. my lost account details are:
username: haikalfikri
url: Profile - haikalfikri - InfinityFree Forum

please help to get back my account.

If you need help please contact me at: [email protected], [email protected]. This is listed as the description of your account.

the email is not related to that account, when I logged in using that email I was told to create a new forum account, it didn’t include me in my old account.

So u forgot your email address? LOL. None can help u I guess.

Maybe the one with access to the user database can help.

only admin can help me tell my real email address which is linked in infinityfree forum account

How did you even forget your email id?

i have a lot of emails on infinityfree i forgot one of them is connected on the forum account

please answer the correct one you really don’t help anything

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Let admin see this topic first. Then he will tell the solution maybe.

I will always wait for that

Please note that the TOS stats that only one account per person.

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Please do not be rude or disrespectful to anyone in this forum.

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Please note that the limit is thee hosting accounts per PERSON. Signing up multiple times with different email addresses to create more than three accounts is not allowed. If we find cases like that, we may choose to take down all accounts and only reactivate three of them.

That’s by design. Email addresses are personal information and we don’t display that information just like that.

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