I lost my csr and i cant generate new csr

my website : chillinetwork.com

issue : i lost my csr and private key and now i cant generate new csr and private key after filling all details it comes back to ssl/tls but all fields are blank.
admin or any community member if you know any solution then help me.

Your domain points to a parking page of GoDaddy. If your domain is expired, renew it. If your domain has terminated its grace period register it again and point it to the nameservers.

i wanted to generate certificate using sslforfree so i used manual verfication with dns. i wanted to change my dns record for verification then i changed dns to default then i generated csr then private key using ssl/tls then i generated certificate then i uploaded certificate but now it is not showing ssl certificate on site. and i also changed to nameserver to infinitynet’s nameserver

So you should wait 24 hours for the new SSL certificate to be applied.

thank you for your help

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