I lost access to my location

I know that the problem of not appearing sites is a general problem and not a special one
But is there a solution?
For almost a week I lost my account for your free hosting
I can not retrieve my site
I am now looking for how to get rid of this problem by replacing hosting and retrieving the site
But to no avail because I am new in this world. that made me start hosting for free, hopefully one day I’m developing it
In the first I thought that the problem was only personal on my site and I wanted to fix it
By mistake, you have delete my domain from addon domains, And then retrieved it,There is no trace of the site
Please take my problem seriously and help me,Thanks

When you deleted the domain name from your account and then added it again, it was probably assigned to a different directory. Please go to the Addon Domains section in your control panel and check the Document Root of your website. This is the folder you should upload your website files to. If the directory does not exist (because it was deleted), you can recreate it yourself.

Of course, after deleting it, it didn’t stay and returned after adding the domain, but so far MySQL databases and Online File Manager data have not gone
And for your information I could not addition my domain from the liste addon domains so I’ve deleted my domain From the list parcked domains Parked Onto " multiartproduction.epizy.com"
and no longer exists as the previous one

I don’t doubt your website data is still on your account. But if the files are note in the place the server looks for your website, then they won’t be displayed on your website.

Also, the domain multiartproduction.ml is currently not parked on multiartproduction.epizy.com. In fact, the domain multiartproduction.epizy.com does not seem to be in use at all, and multiartproduction.ml is added as an addon domain. Which means it gets it’s own folder outside the main htdocs directory.

What should I do?

You need to figure out where the data of your website is now (you can use file managers or an FTP client for that) and you need to figure out where it should go (check the Document Root in the control panel through Addon Domains).

Then, follow this guide to move your website from the first location to the second one: Moving WordPress « WordPress Codex

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