I keep getting accounts suspended

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Your account was suspended for a violation of our terms of service. Reasons for this may include harmful or illegal content, or because your account overloaded our servers.

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I run a video game website where I host games that you can play at work/school, and when a company blocks a website I have to create a whole new website, which can take upwards of 1000 files and when I’m uploading the files all of my accounts (2) get disabled almost instantly because the sheer amount of files that I am creating. I would like my account at least reinstated first, and also I would like to know the max KiB/s so I can set a limit in my FTP software so I can prevent future suspensions.

Best Regards, Logan

It has nothing to do with ftp.

Make sure that:

  1. The game is running at the browser side.
  2. The game doesn’t contain illegal stuffs. Detailed description can be found in ToS.

It does have something to do with ftp, because of the amount of files I am uploading it is overloading the servers and therefore, suspending my accounts the games are running browser side and there is nothing illegal. PLUS the accounts only get banned when I’m uploading files.

This does not help because after getting the account reenabled I will have to upload more files and therefore, getting them banned again!

If you believe the ftp could be the problem (though I think we don’t put hard limits to ftp), try limiting its speed to something like 500KiB/sec or so.

You need to follow the procedure described in the article above for that.

Since you need to open a ticket to get your account reactivated (as from what you’re describing you’re not getting an automatic suspension on a daily limit) have you tried asking support this question?

I am under the same impression myself, which is why I think it would be best to ask this question to support in the process to get the account reactivated.

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500Kib/s is 0.5Mb which up to modern standards is way too low. Are you sure this is the maximum KiB per second?

Thanks for the help and I will ask support for the max KiB per second.

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There are no limits on FTP usage. And if there were, it would be a temp suspension (24 hours), not a permanent one. Most likely (based on what you have said), the system is detecting something in your files that it thinks is not allowed.

Only the support desk will be able to give you more information


Thanks for the help. The only other question I have is will my website be reinstated? The only reason I’m wondering is because one of my websites has been suspended in the past few days and I cannot create a new ticket and only respond to my previous one.

That’s up to support, and it depends on the reason why the website was suspended. If it was flagged for files, terms violations, etc.


I can tell you that your account is not being suspended because of how much you’re uploading, but because of what you’re uploading.

We automatically scan all uploaded files for potentially harmful content, so we can stop known malicious software before it can be set up. If your account is suspended while you’re uploading the site, then it’s caused by the content you’re uploading getting flagged.

Then just creating a new account and trying again is not going to help. If your content gets flagged if you’re uploading it to one account, it will also get flagged when you’re uploading it to another account.

We already throttle FTP usage on our end. If we wanted you to upload files less quickly, we’d throttle FTP usage more. It makes no sense for us to have staff review your account because you neglected to set speed limits on your end.


Thanks, I contacted support and it was because a game I’m hosting called “Break The Bank” because bank content is not allowed.


Thanks for reporting back and letting us know the solution. Glad to hear you got it working again.


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