I just lost my forum account for nothing

I use infinityfree for at least 3 years. My oldest account is gone. My current account is this Profile - TabinAhmedJihad - InfinityFree Forum . But today when i logged in, my account is new. But my old account is still available in search. Can @Admin please fix this.
If you stilk don’t understand, my account is not banned or suspended, but in this mail i just logged in, it was Profile - TabinAhmedJihad - InfinityFree Forum it should have account. But my account is not that, instead new account created. Sorry for bad English. Hope you can understand. :pensive: :worried:


Your InfinityFree forum account is linked to your Client panel account. So if you have two different client panel account (Which is not allowed btw), you will have two different forum accounts.


In addition to what Greenreader9 said: if you delete the client area profile, the corresponding forum profile will be anonymized as well. But the profile to which @TabinAhmedJihad is still active, the SSO is linked and the emails match.


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