I installed wp manually, it’s simple … If someone needs help

I installed wp manually, it’s simple … If someone needs help I’ll be happy to help

how did you do it ?

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Visit this site https: // github. com / ndeet / unzipper … remove all the spaces, did not know if could post links in the forum … find the option “CLONE OR DOWNLOAD” download zip … extract the file, let us use only unzipper file. php … now load unzipper.php using filezilla to the htdocs folder … Download the WP zip option, you can find it on the Wordpress website … On your computer rename WordPress to any name you like … upload the wordpress renamed with filezilla to the htdocs folder … in another browser tab you type, your domain, something like this mysite.com/unzipper.php “remove spaces” press enter … then unzipper. php will open with the name you renamed wordpress .zip, click the first option in blue color and wait to unzip the file … Last step, go to the cpanel file manager locate the folder “HTDOCS”, you will see the WP files , select all the files and click the “MOVE” button … the moment the system presents the options, there will be something like htdocs / wordpress /, delete all wordpress along with all the bars (/) just leave htdocs, do not forget to scroll down the page, there will be several to run gir, after correcting everything click move … if you do not, your site will look like this, mysite. net / wordpress / any page on your site … this htdocs is like public_html, at that moment you can delete the folder ‘’ WORDPRESS ", after that try logging into your site using wp admin and follow the instructions of wordpress , IF YOU BUG ERRORS AND REFRESH THE PROCESS, DO NOT FORGET TO CLEAN ALL THE TABLES OF phpmyadmin.

NOTE: The wordpress.zip will use more than 10 MB of disk space in your free account, so will be removed instantly after uploading it. In other hostings there will be no limit. So extract it on your computer, then upload the files inside the wordpress folder in your htdocs folder and go to yourdomain to complete the WordPress installation. But first go to your Control Panel and create a MySQL database and copy the name, paste it on the DB name field, go to your Client Area, on your hosting account and copy the credentials (username and password) and paste them on the respective fields, then copy the MySQL hostname and replace localhost with that. Done! Now configure WordPress as you would!

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