I install new wordpress and my wordpress database is not found and not list in phpmyadmin

Username (e.g. epiz_31889171)

i am creating new account and i am instal fesh wordpress i face error cloudflare and also database error my wordpress database not list and not found in myphpadmin but my sit still working and install upload plugin and media

I had this problem about 3 days ago.
Do you know the Wordpress database name? If so, do this:

  1. Go to the MySQL Databases section
  2. Create the database there
  3. Now it should be visible in phpMyAdmin.

Let me know if this doesn’t work, or if you don’t understand something.


yes i konw database detail because my wordpres config file show database detail

create same name database or another database

Same name.


Thank you sir its work

thank you soo much

You are welcome!


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