I haven`t access to site , and main domain is suspended!

hi my site domain is system-plus.ir , i have no access to it and i just see 404! We couldn’t find that page. it was working well a few hours ago but after a break i came back and see not working , even main domain epiz_25954718 looks like suspended while it is active , i just used this domain in a deactivated account , had to deactivated it because i almost killed its word press with unchangeable cpanel settings :frowning: even before this happened i couldn`t have access while i was using vpn .

Please refer:

Meaning, the file can’t be found. You must set your index file properly (either index.php, index.html, index.asp, index.htm, etc.)

  • Maybe your wordpress site reached the CPU Limit. Check it on your CPANEL.
    -Try to clear cache for every changes you recently deployed.

Your account is currently unavailable due to the migration of the server to faster storage. This migration is explained in more detail here:


thanks so much for upgrade , i wish you could let us to control max file size in wordpress because dozen of themes and plugins can`t be installed in wordpress

You can still install it manually. You can split the theme package (.zip) into 2 zips or more then extract it to /wp-content/themes.

For the plugins, the same process.
(Sorry to interrupt your discussion)

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didn`t know it , tnx for trick , btw still taking control of file limit is better , i try to upload themes manually , but worpdress is still unavailable

Few questions to ask:

  1. Try to create a new hosting account, can you access it?
  2. Can you access your file manager for your site?
  3. Can you access your account cpanel for your site? If your ISP blocks epizy.com domains,try using Vpn.
  4. If you cannot access any of both, what error message do you see? If you cannot make sence of the error, we can. Please share the error message if you see one.

What do you mean by this statement? Increasing limts will let crackers, hackers and who ever break ToS do their job easily.


The “404! We couldn’t find that page.” error usually means that the main folder for your website cannot be found. This can be caused by the deletion of your htdocs folder, but that’s not the case here.

For your account, the file manager is down too, and when I try to login through FileZilla, I get the “421 Home directory not available” error.

This is probably caused by the ongoing migrations, with your account being created while the underlying volume was being migrated.

However, these migrations don’t take multiple days as far as I known, and your account should have been when the migration was done.

I’ve asked iFastNet to investigate this issue and possibly fix the corrupted accounts.

If you don’t want to wait for that, the easiest solution is to just remove your domains from this account, deactivate this account and then create a new account instead. Doing so should give you a new, properly set up account to which you can upload your website.


all of my site is lost , now i have a fresh cpanel :frowning: migration deleted all of my data in my site , disk space is 0mb , i just deactivate it and made a new one , because idk that this wiped cpanel is ok or not , should i send a ticked ? because deactivating and creating a new one in a short time might be against the rules

So you’re saying the account was working before and had data on it? Because judging by the creation date of your account, I had assumed that the account was broken since it was created. You’re saying that was not the case?


one day after i create cpanel , the maintain started to upgrade servers and move to ssd and 2-3 days later my cpanel back and when i went to check it , i see a fresh cpanel with 0 data on it , there might be people like me who lost their sites before migration

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