I have the error 404 "page not found"

When I type the URL its works fine but once I click to redirect to another page the error 404 appears. I checked many times if there was a mistake on the URL but its correct. I tried writing by myself and I get correctly to the page.

My website URL is: http://wknt.epizy.com

What I’m seeing is: Error 404 “page not found”

I’m using this software: Google Chrome and Internet Explorer

You url opened http://wknt.epizy.com/APP/Login/Login.php for me and it looks to be working fine and when from their i clicked on register button i was redirected to http://wknt.epizy.com/APP/Registro/Registro.php that page. So, on my end everything is working fine. Try clearing you caches.

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Make sure to check them correctly! i think They mean the page which you can visit it via pressing login :grinning:

you can press login empty. but you’ll go to a 404 page!

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Are you sure that this form action url is correct

<form method="POST" action="..\Acciones\validarLogin.php" class="signup-form">

I don’t think so that file exists http://wknt.epizy.com/APP/Acciones/validarLogin.php


Thank you MAHOfficial! I forgot that it was case sensitive. I will check all the links.

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No Problem.

Also, note that URLs always use forward slashes, not backslashes. Backslashes for directories are only used on Windows systems. MacOS and Linux (which most hosting providers, including ourselves, use) use forward slashes for directories on the system as well.

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