I have tgmblog.rf.gd

i have tgmblog.rf.gd
I changed it into my new domain thegreatgm20.eu.org but it only let’s me change the parked domain.
So when I access it from thergeatgm20.eu.org it works fine, but if I go to an other section/article it still is tgmblog.rf.gd

How do I change that?

Are you using WordPress? Not very familiar with it, but I think the problem has something to do with changing your URL in WordPress.


All the URLs are working fine from here. All the links on the main page use relative URLs, which means the domain is determined by the browser, which means all the links are still on your .eu.org domain.

Can you please try to clear your browser cache? Because as far as I can tell, your website code doesn’t care about the domain name.


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