I have some problems with Wordpress

I was doing everything by tutorial on YouTube. I did everything right but my Wordpress account doesn’t work. I mean I can’t even get to the dashboard. If I’m trying to reinstall this message appears:

"The following errors were found :

An installation already exists at https://dnlagency.online as per our records. To re-install the application please uninstall the existing installation!"

So should I wait. or find a way to delete WordPress and reinstall?

Hi and welcome to the forum! Seems like the DNS records got corrupted, so try to remove and add the domain again from the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel, then go to where you were installing WordPress before from Softaculous, but don’t click on Install; click anywhere outside the “Install” button where you hover on WordPress, then click on the red bin icon and on “Remove Installation” to remove the installation and then you can reinstall it again. After that, wait some minutes or even an hour (or clear your browser cache and DNS cache if the ad page still shows up) and you should be able to login to the WordPress dashboard as well.


Hey, thank you for your answer. It still appears but last time it was downloading longer than always and I can assume almost got into WordPress. I will wait till tomorrow if nothing changes I will text again.

One more time thanks a lot)


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