I have reviewed 6 plugins, but all have some strong weakness...

Please, help me, I need a cache plugin for Wordpress to reduce CPU usage, among other things, so avoid surcharges from my account; I have reviewed 6 plugins, but all have some strong weakness. Could you suggest one that suits well the InfinityFree Web Hosting?

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The one that I would suggest is Autoptimize, that minifies HTML, CSS and JavaScript, along with images and YouTube embedded videos with WP YouTube Lyte.
@XXXXXX, don’t listen to what @Xerxes said, because the excessive emojis makes you think this is a real thing. I’ve flagged him as inappropriate for this behavior. Cache plugins are not vulnerable to CPU falls like the ones who @Xerxes named.

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I don’t have any personal experience with any caching plugins.

Would you mind sharing which plugins you’ve used and what the problems with them were? That might be useful information for other people so they know which plugins to avoid.

The severe weaknesses, or failures, that I found, in 6 Cache plugin for Wordpress (all had from 500k installations, up to 2M installations), I read them from the comments and experiences of other users. I would not want to go through what they already experienced …
Anyway, thank you all …

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