I have reached the daily io limit while my account was suspended!

My account https://guay.cf has recently been getting suspended lots of times for reaching the daily io limit.

Here is the message I get when my account gets suspended:
Your free hosting account is suspended for reaching a daily resource limit. Please note that each free hosting account has daily CPU, hits, RAM, I/O, and Entry process limits. During each day we record all of these usage stats. It is quite normal for a website to utilise daily limits as PHP scripts do use alot of server resources, especially if you have multiple PHP scripts and websites in your free hosting account.

The daily limit you reached was your daily io limit .

What’s surprised me the most is that while my account was suspended for 24 hrs and just 7 hours before my website go live again I got an email saying that I have utlised over 50% of the daily io limit!
here the email I got:

Hello Valued Customer,

This mail is to inform you that your site with the username epiz_31296503 has utilised over 50% of its daily resource limits.

This limit is reset every day.

The resources that your site has used over 50% on is :
io warning

You can log into your cpanel with the username epiz_31296503 and in here click on ‘Account Statistics’ in here there are graphs that show your daily resource usage.

So my question is:
How could have I possibly utilized 50% of the io limit while my account was suspended and even I couldn’t have an access to it?



Sometimes, the emails get delayed. The 50% email may have been supposed to arrive before the suspension one, but did not. You can view the suspension log for your account under “Deactivation History” in the client area.


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