I have problems with my domain

Hi! I have problems with my domain…
Yesterday I registered in “InfinityFree”, I installed Wordpress and I finished my website without any problem.
According to the control panel, my domain is active, however when I try to open it, it takes me to an ad page with topics like “CPanel Hosting” or “A Free Website”. Some other times the browser shows me the error “Connection Timeout”.

I do not know what to do, I have almost no knowledge of “hosting” so I would appreciate it if you would help me and explain me step by step.

Thank you!

*My website URL is: www.clubde-medio-tiempo3c.epizy.com/wp/

Postdata: Even if you log in without the “/ wp /” keep doing the same

*What I’m seeing is: My website its not working… instead of taking me to my website, it takes me to an ad page on Epizy.com

Some other times the browser shows me the error “Connection Timeout”

*I’m using this software: Firefox and Google Chrome

Even i tried with “Tor Browser”, it seems that the browser is not the problem

Additional information:

My website works in phones, but in Computers its showing the Ads Page

It seems to work fine for me. It takes me to a page with a bunch of questions and radio buttons. Is that right?

Yes, i don´t know why to me its not working

Sometimes it takes time for your domain to start working (because ISPs have to update their data) although it usually doesn’t take very long. Your ISP might not have done that yet. Also, some web browsers cache web pages so they load faster on the next visit, and to save bandwidth. You could try clearing your browser’s cache. Sometimes I have to do that when I update my site.

Thank you!
I will try doing that…

Appreciate it so much!!!

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