I have pointed my nameserver to infinity nameserver and I can't add using custom domain

I can’t create account for my website. I have already pointed by domain to infinity nameserver and have deleted my previous account from old hosting service. But
It gives error message “The selected custom domain is already in use on InfinityFree or a different free hosting provider. Please remove the custom domain from any other free hosting accounts.”

Do that


I did. I had previously hosted my website on hosting service called profreehost and it has been more then a week since I deactivated my account.

Here it even gives result below when I do domain check.

Deactivating an account does not remove the domains from it. Please reactivate the account, go into the control panel and remove the domains from there. Only then can you add the domain names here.

After removing the domains at ProFreeHost, you can keep the account active or deactivate it again, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the domains are removed from the account.


There is no option to delete domain. It only has option to deactivate.

Read carefully

Login into the Vpanel.
Delete domain from the addon domains

Screenshot to show where you are stuck


But there is no domain on addon domains.

Are you sure domain was hosted on this account?

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Here my username is both client area and cpanel.

What is the domain?

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You may have to do this


Could you please also check the Parked Domains?


it is also empty.

Thanks for your time. Also why should I contact iFastnet when I made my account from profreehost.

Well, both PFH and IF are both running using iFastnet resources. iFastnet is the parent company in a way. PFH and IF are the resellers.


I see. But it says I dont have account on ifastnet do I have to make new one on iFastnet.

Just create an account for the support ticket will do.

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