I have one question

Hi, i posted a forum theme on File Manager, and it shold be working, i’ve seen a tutorial on YouTube and the theme is from good website, it must be okay, but when i enter my forum adress i can’t see anything, just your overlay. The url is yb-rpg.epizy.com, can you say me is it because of me or because of you.
And when i wont to login on FileZilla i get this message:

Status: Resolving address of ftpupload.net
Status: Connecting to…
Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message…
Error: Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
Error: Could not connect to server
Status: Waiting to retry…
please help me, i need it for my gaming community.

There is currently an outage with the FTP system

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And, does that means that my theme is working?

Which overlay do you mean exactly? The “Let’s Make Something Awesome” page? That means your website doesn’t have another index page.

Please make sure your website files are uploaded DIRECTLY to the htdocs folder (not to a subdirectory), and that the home page of your website has the name index.php or index.html (case sensitive).

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hey, i changed my url, it is now ybalkan.epizy.com
Now, i changed theme and i imported all files that required and it is all white when i type url. I check everything that you send and it is checked, i don’t know why is the screen white…

Could you please verify whether you uploaded your files in the correct folder /htdocs, make sure that you do not install it in any subdirectories /htdocs/subdirectoryexample just like what the Admin told you.

You see a blank screen because your PHP code just exits without producing any output. Looking at your code, it tries to access a file outside your home directory, which is can’t, so your code then just exits.


no, i did not. What should i do to fix it?

As what @Admin told you it’s a problem with your php code.
You can use F12 Developers mode on your site and you can run the console to see the errors and it will also give you some documentations for solutions.

I can show you the code and annotate it why this is the case, but only if you’re OK with sharing the code.

In any case, line 4 in index.php check if a certain file exists. But this file path checks two directories above your htdocs folder, which is outside of your hosting account. So your PHP can’t read and execute this file, which means it will jump to line 7. Which is simply an exit statement.

You need to fix your PHP code to not try to load files which don’t exist. And maybe check your error handling, so other people don’t need to tell you why your code isn’t working.


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