I have my own script... How do i host it

I havr my owm scriot ehich i wanna install

You need to upload it on htdocs, create the database and modify the configuration file with the new database host, username, password and database name.

Can u help me with it…
The sceipt isnt made by me tho

Connect the FTP with FileZilla and the following server settings:
FTP server:
Port: 21
Connection type: Plain FTP
Username: you can find it on the Client Area
Password: you can find it on the Client Area, by clicking the username of the account you want to get the password, and scrolling down and clicking on Show/Hide to show it.
Then go to the htdocs folder of your domain and upload all the files except nothing.
After that, connect the Client Area’s File Manager and go to the htdocs and where you have the configuration file.
In the meanwhile, go to the Control Panel, in the MySQL databases section and give a name for the database. The complete name will be in the form of username_databasename. Copy the SQL host and paste it on where you defined the SQL host, then copy the database name and paste it on where you defined the database name and follow the steps of getting username and password of the account and copy them and paste them where you defined them. Done! You installed the script!

Too hard for me…

I could do a step-by-step video on it, but now I can’t. Follow the steps above, or upload the files separately with the Monsta FTP they give.

I can send you my account creditentials

Rn i am uploading

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