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Um I try to login which logins to to front screen ( cant provide link) when I press control panel it asks me for another password screen and then does not recognise my password or login I am not sure what has happened to it since yesterday. The screen it goes to is cpanel (cannot provide link) and gives information ‘We are unable to log you in with the information you provided. Please check your username and password and try again 1’

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This is brand new yesterday . It was working fine until I tried to change password. So i guess this is my fault. Can anyone help ?
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Password reset from client area. Wait 15 minutes then try again

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Login now says ‘These credentials do not match our records.’ but it changed password ok with message

Same message blue screen after pressing cpanel ‘We are unable to log you in with the information you provided. Please check your username and password and try again 1’ when I press control panel can you help please ? It won’t take new password I gave in front login screen.

Did you do it from the client area or VPanel?
Please change password from the client area and wait 15 minutes.

Do provide screenshot as you may be doing incorrectly

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Thanks KangJl I think there is two passwords , I tried login out on front screen and said i forgot it .When I try change the login password to the cpanel as it fails one given if first place it says “The password may not be equal to an existing hosting account password.”. I can seem to get logged into the hosting account with the blue screens . I am sorry I tried posting links but it said I am newbie :slight_smile:

I gave it the password from here https://i.gyazo.com/99fdbbeecf5131696f7e52e381f2efc1.png

currently it does seem to matter which password I give it the one for my main login or the one for cpanel it has in my account neither will do something on blue screen what am i doing wrong please ? as surely this one in my account against the login name must work and be the right one it wants? Thanks for looking

You need to change password here.
Did you do it?

KangJL thanks for your help . Yes that is the one I changed to something different . I try change it back here Reset your password - InfinityFree to start password change and then change to the same one in my account on the url i gave it says “This password reset token is invalid.” it seems the cant be the same . I don’t seem to be getting back into the file area since yesterday . What has happened ? it seem to be in some cyclic event or ground hog day. I really don’t know why nothing is working since yesterday . I hope you can help please? I appreciate it .

You should come to this screen to change password

Then wait 15 minute before login


Yes i did that do i have to log completely out as it still get bluescreen message

I guess you have to wait for Admin then. What you are experiencing could be part of hosting issues we are having right now

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Ok it still does this

It did say on this page the passwords are not the same

Thank you for your help we will wait and see :slight_smile:

I checked your account, and it looks like the password stored in the client area didn’t match what was actually on your hosting account. I force synced the password from the client area to the hosting platform and now the login works again.

If the Control Panel login button in the client area doesn’t work anymore, that generally means that the account password was changed outside of the client area, for example using the Lost Password or Change Password functionality in the control panel itself. Please never use these functions in the control panel. Updating the password here doesn’t update it in the client area, which will cause client area features to break. Also, the client area may push the password it has to your hosting account again, which can cause other issues (like your database password being changed as well).

You can view and edit your account password at any time through the client area. Please do not edit it anywhere else.


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