I have installed Wordpress maually and need help getting my domain to point towards my wordpress

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I need help with pointing my domain towards the wordpress database that I have created manually through wordpress.org. I have the site all set up I just do not know how to link the domain to the wordpress database.

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DB / wp-config.php How to install WordPress – Advanced Administration Handbook | Developer.WordPress.org


okay so i am a little confused now after the last comment. Does that mean I cannot connect the database that I made already on my laptop with wamp and phpmyadmin? I used wamp to create the wordpress website and then I linked it to phpmyadmin. Am I not able to sync the database to my free hosting service?

The names of your local DB and host are not the same as here on the server

and you need to make a DB here
and then set the necessary parameters in wp-config (find the DB parameters in the Client area)

or install WP via Softaculous app installer (control panel)
and it will adjust everything for you automatically
and you start WP from the beginning or somehow insert a backup inside after install…


okay i have tried doing that. I have tried to install my wordpress into the file manager and then link the databases that way but im not sure if i am doing it correctly. also im having an issue with space so maybe i should just go to a paid hosting provider. because i am trying to upload an ecommerce wordpress website and it seems like its too much data

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here are some more details if you need it

before that, it would be good to remove traces of the old installation if you have one


i tried to create a wordpres through softaculous however it would not allow me to use woocommerce. i installed the plugin and could not set it up and would get an error message about my database connection

Woo is a demanding plugin in terms of RAM,
but I don’t see WP on your domain at all (unless it’s in some subdir that I don’t know about).

You can always check what the problem is by following these instructions


i deleted the whole database because it was giving me issues with the woocommerce. i couldnt even reach the woocommerce home page because the page would get stuck on a never ending loading page. and i dont have that issue with the wordpress website that i created myself so i just assumed that it was because there wasnt enough space. especially when i tried to download opencart as an alternative and couldnt get that to install either. so i just chalked it up as a space issue

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