I have found a bug

I think there should be an easier way to report bugs.
Here is the typo i have found


For people having problems viewing the image, reupload:

This is pretty broken English. Instead, it should be something like:

It appears this email address is already created. Please remove the email account before adding it as a forwarder.


Thank you for reporting this, I’ll make sure this gets addressed.

Also, for your information, you can just upload images to the forum to link them in your post. But you can’t hotlink from images hosted on your hosting account, so we can’t see your image.

Finally, we made the deliberate decision to not have a separate category for bug reports. In my experience, these bug report categories tend to be abused for things which are not bugs. Like a “bug” which causes their website to return a 500 status code (which is a bug with their website, not the hosting) or a “bug” that they cannot connect to their database with MySQL Workbench (that’s intentional).


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