I have files in HTdocs name servers are all correct and updated

But nothing is updating on the website itself.

I’m sorry, but I have absolutely no idea what you mean by that. Can you please fill in the topic template and actually describe what you see (and not just share a few words about what you think is the cause)?

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No worries my apologies.

My website URL is: rumadent.com

What I’m seeing is: nothing blank white screen.

I’m using this software: dreamweaver filezilla

Additional information: It is a custom website with custom html Im using filezilla and I am using infinity free hosting and name cheap domain registration.

For me your website works fine. If it doesn’t work for you, please clear your browser cache, flush your DNS cache or, if these solutions don’t work, configure a faster DNS resolver like or OpenDNS on your device.


Oh no worries roger that. Thank you so much for the replies guys. Im in love with this community.

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Is there no way for me to not have to type the www before the custom domain name? In my previous experience I did not.

@rumadent please never mix NS - delete these:



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No worries its done. Thanks!

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@rumadent you’re welcome :slight_smile:
Alright, now the www/naked variant should work fine.

Please have patience if your browser/device has old DNS data in the cache.
You can help yourself with this and speed things up
(P.S. most routers need a restart to pull new settings)

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