I have Changed the Name Server - but my site is not loading

Sir, i have changed the name server at cu.cc for my add on domain on 21.03.2016, but i have not changed Zone records data, still my site/domain
http://indioarticles.cu.cc is not loading in browser from 23.03.2016 evening.

CU.CC. Username: chirag77

CU.CC Password: *****

Please check my domain details by entering my CU.CC account with given username and password and check everything there is okayfor my domain or not.

My Domain: http://indioarticles.cu.cc

My Infinityfree.net Username: fceu_17508738

Please check my account and solve my problem at your earliest. Give a reply.

First of all, I have removed the password from your post. This is a public forum and posting your password would expose it to everyone! You should reset your password immediately as well.

As for your specific issue, it looks like there is a problem with our own nameserver configuration. I’ve already forwarded it to our server managers so they can fix it. In the mean time, you can use ns1.byet.org and ns2.byet.org instead.