I have an Idea for Infinityfree

I think I have a good Idea :bulb: for Infinityfree (including users) can Admin talk to me personally.

Why not share it and let everyone hear…?

You’re right.

Lol nice joke. Why not sharing it here?

Thank you, I’m happy to know that my post makes you smile, it’s better opportunity

… I meant to say Admin doesn’t accept personal messages from people, That’s why we’ve got a forum here :slight_smile:


Wait… I’m writing

Going to prepare myself pack of popcorn…


As we all know that Infinityfree only supports PHP as Back-end, many user’s wants to write their code with other languages for back-end e.g. Python, Node js on infinityfree but they didn’t. If Infinityfree allows their Users to code with Python or Node js for back-end Seprately, please focus on my word Seprate, means a subdomain app.infinityfree.net only for PHP (for back-end) and another for Python with this address py.infinityfree.net. Now I’m going to tell you advantages to do that

Advantages (for infinityfree team)

  • It Increases Ads space, which means more earning for infinityfree,
  • It increases the Popularity of Infinityfree and People’s starts migrating from other free hosting Services e.g. Heroku.

Advantages (for infinityfree users)

  • Have choice to choose their weapon (programming language :sweat_smile:), thats all what we need more than this becuase everything is perfect here.

I’m not suggesting to enable all languages just enable Python or Node js. @Admin Talk about this with your respected team. And I’m sorry, if my words hurts you.

Thanks & Regards


I don’t know about Python but Node.js? Setting it up to host your node.js powered website on it is literary a pain in ass to set it up. Ngl but it caused BSOD in my PC once because I misconfigured some codes once, what would happen if someone does the same thing on our servers IF WE SUPPORT NODE JS?
Python and N.js are used for developing bots mostly, while we only allow hosting websites, and it clearly means we’ll violate our own terms if we set these two in our servers.

Want Node.js and Python? Simply use Heroku, we’re not looking to get popular with adding new programming langs because of what i mentioned above. Plus there’ll be security holes while setting these up these which means hackers will be able to hammer our servers.

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When I use docker for python virtual machines, some of my apps can use 50mb+ of ram, I’ve seen some containers using 100mb+ of ram. Which is quite a lot.

If we think that 400,000 people are using the shared servers InfinityFree uses, and each one has a 10mb app, so thats 400,000 x 10 = 4,000,000, which is 4000GB of ram.

So know 4000 GB of ram is used, what now?

Now lets think apache uses this:

So how much does Apache actually use? Looks a lot better than 200-250mb per process! Even running 50
child processes only consumes 45mb at startup

We see large ram usage, now we are seeing 4000 maybe 5000 GB of ram. Now we think about apache, load balancers, DNS, ftp. and we see big numbers.

And it would be hard to integrate python into the current vPanel, i know the new cPanel has stuff like this, but it becomes a big investment, especially into a free platform.

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Thank you for sharing your idea, but it’s hardly an original one (let alone warrant my personal attention). In fact, I responded to a similar request less than a week ago:

And you can see I responded similarly to other topics about half a dozen times this year already:


Sure, we would get more users if we supported every programming language ever developed. But the cost/benefit breakdown just doesn’t work out. Supporting other programming languages is really complex for a feature which, as you can see, only gets requested once per month or so. Which is quite excessive for a feature which takes so much effort to implement.


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