I have added a sub domain in the domain that i own but cant access the subdomain

I own a domain called rohanpudasaini.com.np and added a subdomain on that i.e blogs.rohanpudasaini.com.np, but I can’t seem to access the subdomain.
I can’t understand what might be the problem so please help me.
I have tried creating a subdomain in another domain i.e pudasaini.lovestoblog.com and it is working fine.
Also, I am using cloud flare DNS as I have set up a Cloudflare account.


Can you do the following so I can help you out?

  1. Screenshot the subdomains panel in the control panel
  2. Screenshot your Cloudflare DNS records

Thankyou for reply here are screenshots

here is also the screenshot of domain checker

Have you uploaded any files to the htdocs folder for the blogs subdomain?

no, I have deleted all files inside so that I can import wordpress.

Try creating an index.html file with the following contents:

<p>Hello World</p>

Then clear your cache and reload the page.

If it does not work, change the CNAME records in Cloudflare to…

Type Name Content Proxy Status TTL
CNAME blogs DNS Only Auto
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here is what i see when i clear cache and create the index.html file

Try changing the CNAME record then. It’s connecting to the server, but the server is not giving the proper information. Using the IP address of your account in the CNAME records should correct that.

also I got this error i

n cloudflare

Try using an A record instead of a CNAME one then.

it says A CNAME record with that host already exists. (Code: 81054)

The problem is soleved now thankyou very much for swift reply and great help.

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