I have a problem

I have a problem and this is error.

please see below image.

I cant find this issue.
I have done all settings already, and that is running on my local as well.
please help me.
I hope you will help me asap.
thanks. best regards.

Maybe this topic can help you, because you can’t connect using localhost and different database name, username and password while using a MySQL database on this free hosting, while with others not based on iFastNet (like X10Hosting) you can use localhost to connect to the database.

The second line in the trace shows that your code is configured to use the database hostname, the database name forge, username forge and no password. Those settings are fine if your use a development environment, but won’t work here.

Please go into your control panel, set up a MySQL Database, and set the right credentials to the configuration file of your website.

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