I have a problem with the installation of the script

Hello, I am new here, yesterday I was try to install my own script for my website, but I can’t run the installation, because when I run my domain with /install, it won’t show the installation page, it’s still show the landing page (index2.html), and I was deleted index2.html file, but it still showing the landing page, I am a newbie, I don’t know where is the problem, please someone can help me. thank you

My website URL is: www.kacheusa.com

What I’m seeing is: landing page

I’m using this software: i am using DISCUZ!

i am using DISCUZ!
Additional information:


Thank you very much :+1:

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It looks like the DNS settings for your domain have been corrupted. Please try to remove and re-add the domain to your account.

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