I have a problem installing ssl in my site sub

I tried to install the codes myself and also through the automatic installation and waited. I thought it would take 5 to 10 minutes, but it has been about 5 hours and it has not been installed yet. Site name: word.vartolo.net
Guide me, thanks

Please provide more info.
What are you trying to install?


I checked word.vartolo.net, and I see a DNS lookup error page.

To fix this, you will need to configure your DNS records at Cloudflare to point word.vartolo.net to our servers. You can do this by either adding an A record, for the word subdomain, and point it to the Website IP listed in your client area, or setup a CNAME record that points the word subdomain to @.

Please remember that while you are free to use any DNS service you want, if you’re not using our nameservers, it means you are responsible for keeping your own DNS records up to date. This also means that if you add or remove any subdomains, you’ll need to manually add or remove DNS records to make sure the subdomain does what you want it to.


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